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Protective Order

In order to protect an individual or family from harm, the Court may impose a Protective Order. Commonly called a restraining order, a restraining order instructs a person to stay away from a place such as a residence, workplace, or individual. A temporary protective order will last for 30 days once it has been served, or you can apply for an extended protective order once a temporary one has already been served – it can last for up to one year. Protective orders will differ depending on the state they are in. Generally, they are granted by Family Courts when domestic violence has been proven to exist, which allows a partner or their minor children to be kept away from harm. On the other hand, restraining orders through Justice Courts can be sought in cases where a person is being subjected to intimidating behavior such as stalking or harassment from someone with whom they do not have a domestic connection.

What To Expect When Filling An Order Of Protection

We at Palmer Litigation are dedicated to providing high-quality counsel to help keep your family safe. When submitting an order of protection to the Court, a technical process must be followed. During this difficult time, our team will assist you in completing and submitting the correct paperwork. Following the submission of the paperwork, a judge will review it and decide if an order of protection should be issued. When a protective order is granted, a copy is served on the other party.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no filing fee or cost for the court forms to ask for a protective order.

The restraining order can be used for a variety of behaviors, while the protective order can be used to prevent violence against victims. In either case, your freedoms will be restricted and you should seek legal advice before challenging these orders.

If all the requirements of Subsection (3) have been met and the victim has no reasonable fear of future harm or abuse, a continuous protective order may be modified or dismissed.

After being arrested for a DUI, but prior to filing a petition to expunge records, you must obtain a certificate of eligibility from the UBCI. You will then have to file an “Application of Eligibility” with the Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigation for $65.

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